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random observations etc

Its funny how back in August/September, we all went into college not having any idea what we were getting ourselves into, what it was going to be like or how it would all work out. We were all just thrown in there, wide-eyed and not as old as we thought we were. I know I was totally ready for the next chapter. How weird is it to have to live with a stranger that you’ve talked to maybe once or twice on the phone? Preferences such as messy or neat, stays up late or goes to bed early is no way to tell how two people may mesh.
Now we’ve all got one year under our belts and as friends and I are reuniting, we can relate on this new and awesome thing called college. We can all talk about the beers we drank, hook ups, and the crazy and stupid things we did, because we all basically went through the same thing and can understand. Its a fun thing to discuss, but our year is really all there is to converse upon. Once thats covered, I sometimes find myself at a loss for words.
When asked how my year went, I say it went really well, it was great, perfect etc. But honestly, if I had to say why it was great, I wouldn’t really know where to start, unless they wanted to sit and listen for a couple of hours. Yeah, it was great, but everyone says that. And mine was far different than others, but all are thrown into the same category of either good or bad anyway.
I like seeing how people have changed, and sometimes its disappointing when they haven’t. Its cute how boys think they’re grown up because they grew their hair out or perhaps some facial hair (mmm facial hair), displaying the fact that they no longer give a fuck. And its kind of weird having to shift back into how I used to act around old friends, and recall old inside jokes. I find that once new friends are made, the sense of humor changes and it’s hard to then joke with old friends as in the past.

I think thats it for now. Just some random thoughts I had to write.
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