Saucy (slutfish85) wrote,

i havent written poetry in like a year but i badly want to get back into it. i remember after taking the creative writing class senior year i had written cool poems i was proud to have created. i never knew i had it in me. writing poetry is a talent i feel i waste when i don't write often enough.
i wrote this today and i hope you like it. i didnt bother putting it in a poem-ish format all aligned to the left.

Your response was not what I hoped for, but I shrugged, smiled, and continued to kiss you. your hands touched me but your heart stayed away. the liquor wore off slow in our systems. your face turned away from me like the night turns on day. between the blinds the moon stood broken, stenciled into the sky, half silent and robed in navy. it hung in the night the way words hang once spoken. we slept back to back that night- close, but the distance was there. all I needed was your skin.
In the morning I tried to wake you with soft kisses, but it was useless. even in sleep you knew things had changed, for things I said or things I did not say. I wished to bury these memories and fold them twice under, so that maybe in the spring a love could grow with vines that reached into my windows.
Perhaps you will sleep the day away. Its always easier in winter to not wake up.
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