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A month at college, and my life is so different already! even the livejournal homepage layout has up and changed on me! goddamn.
Where to begin... I'm sure i won't be able to cover everything thats happened in the past month, but i'll try my best to sum stuff up.
I am having the time of my life. i have met so many amazing people and experienced new things and learned more about myself... just as i had hoped. i feel as though after having been given advice, heard tons of college stories, and ways to prepare myself... its so different when you actually live it and experience it for yourself. theres no way to know what its really gonna be like until you dive right in and live it. i felt i was really ready for it though.. even looking back at my last entry in august, i was confident. i wasn't that nervous until when i was moving in and jessie wasn’t there yet... the anticipation was killin me, and it killed me for like half an hour til she got there and i was relieved to find that she was super happy to meet me and greeted me with a big hug. man she had so much stuff. but anyway...
fast forward to now, we've gotten along soo well and never had any kind of spat or argument. theres really nothing i can think of that annoys me about her.. maybe only a tiny thing or two. but shes so nice, and even when shes in a bad mood or stressed, she still goes out of her way to be a sweety and be generous. my friend liz even commented once that we're probably the best pair suited for each other in the hall. our room is also mad awesome and good looking.
i live in Lyons Hall, fourth floor, room 404. my hall of girls is like my family. i really like um all.. theres always someone to talk to or go to the cafeteria with.. sometimes we travel in big packs to dinner and such. ive also made a bunch of guys friends who i really enjoy knowing. ive realized i almost like having guy friends better.. theyre so easy to talk to and so funny.
a lot of people are from massachusetts and connecticut. red sox fans are CRAZY at st mikes, and its all about bashing the yankees. there are some people from vt, some from maine.. some from NH .. i know a couple from new jersey and rhode island.. but for the most part its mass. i get excited when i meet someone from new york... not too many are from new york. ive got mad pride, and i say im from syracuse boldly. i know 3 others from syracuse: ian daly, whos from tully, mike drescher whos from liverpool and went to cba, and john dermody whos from caz. its weird talking to them about syracuse, mixing my old life with new. ive heard theres some sophomore girl from syracuse too that goes there, but ive never met/seen her.
i party every weekend, making up for lost time in high school. i either do thurs and fri night or fri and sat night. i think 3 nights in a row would just totally fuck me up.. havent tried it yet and i don't think i want too. drinking is such a blast and its pretty easy to find alcohol, despite it being a dry campus. i know a lot of people who've been written up for being caught drunk or with beer. im fortunate enough to have no been caught... yet! tee hee. my weekend nights usually consist of a little pregaming, then heading out to either friends rooms or townhouses where there are parties or north campus, where you take a shuttle for 2-3 minutes to a place where they have more townhouses and apartments.. north campus has great parties. i have a friend named tim from my spanish class whos a really cute junior who lives on north campus and ive gone to his place 3 times, he has a sweet ass bar. and hes wicked generous about hooking up my friends and i with drinks. we usually hop around to different parties around there. any which way, every weekend is an adventure. we're all also real good about sticking together and watching each others' backs. jessie and i usually stick together.. we're mad tight.
my classes have been going pretty well. i usually dont procrastinate and im good about going to the library and getting stuff done. theres only been a few times where ive felt totally stressed. the workload sucks but i manage to get it done and its not so bad. i like my teachers and i get along with them fine. im pretty much just trying to keep my grades up enough so i can stay in school and let the good times roll. i always do my work and turn stuff in on time, but its not like i break my back over it, ya know?
something i can't stress enough that i love about vermont is that it is SO CHILL. the people, the atmosphere.. its just so different from home and high school. in high school everyone looked the same. during the summer i was ultra preppy and i wanted to continue to be in college. but i really find myself not caring as much anymore and just not being as insecure or worried about what people may think of me. i feel much more secure as to who i am. i find myself being so much more outgoing and friendly. ive gone up to and talked to a lot of people without hesitation. i speak up so much more and with ease. not just in class, but, i dunno.. an example that just came to mind happened last week. i was standing in line to get food and i overheard two girls in front of me saying something about university of melbourne, and i came right out and asked the girl if she had gone there abroad, and she said yeah, and we got into a conversation about it and how my sister had gone there too.. and it turns out this girl is a senior. and the fact that im a freshman and shes a senior didnt like intimidate me. it was weird. see? everyones just mad cool and nice in vermont. maybe because they're all stoners. jk!
speaking of eating- i love going to the cafeteria with friends, because its not so much of a food thing, but a social thing. what we do is eat and talk, but then we always end up staying an extra half hour to 45 minutes, just chillin and talking. it just doesnt get boring. its some of the best sober times. getting to know new people is something i've really come to appreciate. it also makes me realize how sick i was of the same people at mph (obviously not to insult ktm, baybe, stacey, lizi etc, i love you). i really just needed variety in my life.
what else..
i went to a Guster concert mid september and it was amazing. the bongo player was insane and had crazyfast hands. pretty much my whole floor went to it. it was in a theater much like the Landmark. we were in the back row, but it was small so it really didnt feel that far away, i could see them fine. it was soo fun though just cuz everyone was dancing and going nuts and no one cared how stupid they looked. that amazing feeling you get at concerts really brought us all together.
i feel like im changing.. my styles and tastes, the way i talk (i say dude and man a lot now).. i just feel like college has given me the opportunity to grow up and mature and discover myself. yes, its only been a month, but i can already see the process in effect, and i cant wait to see where this is going to take me.
i didnt think this entry would turn out to be so long! but theres just so much to touch on. im basically just really happy now and satisfied that everything has gone well thus far and i know that i truly made the right decision with going to st mikes, and everything has fallen into place. last year it sucked sometimes at home when i'd have time to think too much or listen to sad songs or have depressing days.. but now being surrounded by friends and good times and good distractions makes it easy not to have time to ponder the negativities. which is awesome.

i hope friends that read this and are in college too are having a great time and are gaining new experiences as well. cuz these truly are the best years of our lives!!!
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