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wait guys..... did i mention i love john mayer?

So kids, it looks like college is the next chapter in my life, and I think I’m ready for it. If I had to stay another year at MPH I think I’d go bananas!
It’s so weird to think I leave in 2 weeks. This is what all the hard work has been for over the years. The 8 college visits last summer, the research, the applications, the essays.. all the homework, blood sweat & tears. Its crazy thinking about just a couple years ago I wasn’t concerned about college at all. It seemed soo far away. I guess that’s how it always goes, though. Stuff sneaks up on you pretty darn quick. I feel pretty prepared for it all though, and ready for a new challenge. I’m really ready to take on something new. And I can’t wait to learn new things about myself in the process.
I don’t think anything bad will happen, either. Ive gotten enough advice about college and I know I have plenty of support if life begins to suck.
I’ve talked to my roommate Jessie a few times now- first I called her on the phone, then we’ve emailed each other back and forth.. and she seems really cool and nice. I think if she seemed like a loser I wouldn’t be so pumped to go. I would probably be a bit disappointed. But fuck that yo, our rooms gonna be the hottest spot in the hall.
College is supposed to be the greatest years of ones life. Bring it on yo, I could use some fun! My dad was a party animal and a frat boy back when he went to Alfred University. He went to grad school at Penn State because he didn’t want the party to end. I think thats fucking righteous!

John Mayer was amazing, again. It was just heavenly. Orgasmic, if you will. I want to be back there again- it made me the happiest girl in the world. I forgot how damn sexy he is in person. And how cute that butt is. Thank God for that jumbo screen thing. I loved hearing a couple of his new songs I’ve never heard before, like Come Back To Bed. That one blew me away. Before this, I couldn’t wait for his cd. Now I seriously cannot wait any longer, I’m so excited. The anticipation kills me, one sound clip at a time! It sucks theres only ten songs on Heavier Things. But whatever its still gonna rock. Quality over quantity!
Track List:
1) Clarity
2) Bigger Than My Body
3) Something’s Missing
4) New Deep
5) Come Back To Bed
6) Home Life
7) Split Screen Sadness
8) Daughters
9) Only Heart
10) Wheel

I’m sorry but am I the only one that creams their pants over this? Yeah, I thought so.

I liked his confusing little free-styling thing where he was flailing his arms a lot at the end of Something's Missing- he was babbling about "sitting at home on your couch with nothing to do, and then recieving a notice in the mail that you've won a size 12 shoe". Heres a couple random things I remember, too-
"a special thanks to the people out on the lawn with the itchy asses."
"you’ve guys have been great, this is such a good looking crowd ... I think I’m going to cry. (bites finger and sighs) no no, back to work, gotta get back to work"
That shit was so cute/funny.
Ok, I seriously thought I had heard him sing "you’re more than a quick fuck" in the song Come Back to Bed, but it turns out the actual lyric is "you know your not a quick forgive" lol, well spank my ass and call me Charlie! I like my misheard lyric better!! I thought it was clever because its nasty sounding but really sweet at the same time and with good intentions! know what I mean? yeah, I know you do.
Set list:
Why Georgia
Something's Missing
Bigger Than My Body
My Stupid Mouth
Come Back to Bed
Your Body is a Wonderland
No Such Thing
Back to You

I love the fact that, we all know he made a buttload of money since his last tour, but he kept his last tour and this tour really similar. It was simple, with no flashy shit, just him and the band. He is like the epitome of keeping it real. And his clothes! He still dresses like a normal dude. I love this about him.

Time to change my panties!
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