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Amanda had to be put down last night :( feels weird even writing it.
she had been having throat problems- the past few weeks she had been coughing and hacking a ton, but last night she was doing it like super fast and practically hyperventilating and hacking up spit/fluid crap.. basically her trachea was bound to collapse or something.. my parents took her to the animal emergency place, and I guess she was pretty much turning blue and could barely breathe .. even if we had put her on some kind of respirator or support it wouldn’t have worked or been worth it. she was wicked old too, like 16 er 17 I think.
When my parents left with her for the emergency place, Lindsey and I got to say bye to her. I figured she’d be back.. but then I thought maybe she wouldn’t. I tried to push that thought out of my mind though.. I was optimistic. An hour or two later I was up on my computer in my room and my dad came in and broke the news to me, that they hadta put her down, theres not much else we could’ve done.. I was pretty shocked, starting crying. I cried last night and a bit this evening.
I love having pets, but letting go is soo hard. whats hardest is to think that I’ll never be able to pet them again. Or see them walk by. Its so weird not seeing Amanda around anymore. She started living with us when I was in 5th grade. She was owned by my Grandma originally, but when my Grandma had to go to the hospital and then to a nursing home, someone had to take Amanda.. and my Grandma didn’t have a husband or anyone living with her when she had to leave that could take care of the poodle.
I have so many memories of Amanda.. and so many nicknames for her. We’d call her Lulu, Boos, Boobie, Nubi, Lookie, Shookie, Pood, Poody, Mander, Amanda Sue, Commander Sue of the Starship Enterprise ..don’t ask where they all came from. Just silly gibberish ‘n crap we made up along the way.
anyway, too many good times to write about.

other than this happening.. this morning i had to start those swim lessons. it went ok for my first time ever. it was just kinda hectic cuz it was one kid after the other and some in groups and like.. ugh, i felt unorganized. i think next time will be better though. this one was just screwy cuz of the shit weather and ppl showing up at random times. and the pool was cold and the rain made it worse and made everyone cold and jittery. but anyway, i think im gonna prepare myself better with lots of stuff to do for each lesson cuz it seems like we run out of things to do reeal quick. so anywaay

im bored tonight. but there are some quality shows id like to watch tonight. so.. yeah. my parents are watching some shitty movie downstairs called Narc and i can hear sounds from it and someones like screaming and crying and its really annoying.

good n ightttt
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