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i had to post this to save it and be able to look back on. xai is such a gentle, caring guy, and an excellent friend, and this was like the sweetest thing anyones said to me in a long time. such a boost. this was a valuable conversation. it ended up going on longer, with plenty o compliments all around. but this is what set it off.

StarfishU: hahaha.... ya kno wat.... i'd just lyk 2 let u know that..well .... u'll always b the brightest ..most positive person whu i've met..
StarfishU: making me laugh even wen i felt shitty
StarfishU: and lyk...just so kool..and kept things real always....not 2 mention ur cute as heck and classy
StarfishU: so....i just kno ur gonna get far

i love the fact that he knows i will go far. he doesnt think it, he knows it. i love when people believe in me like that. its great sometimes when i tell people that my dream is to work for a magazine someday, and theyre like 'yeah i can totally picture you doing that' or something along those lines. its happened a few times. and it just increases my drive, that i can do it. and the fact that he thinks im classy makes me so thankful that someone sees me this way, it makes me feel like a woman, and like he respects me. words are pretty powerful!

- if i had read somethin like this on someone elses journal id be like, damn, get over yourself. so ill understand if anyone thinks im bragging or full of myself or some shit. but i aint, and i dont mean to come off that way with this one.
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