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hello hello! i'm bored because i'm home alone. and theres not much to do these days... i'm lifeguarding weekends until the pool opens fulltime, once school gets out for caz kids. anyway, when i wrote that last message i was still pretty fragile in mind and body from that accident. today im pretty much healed and feeling like myself again, but with a nice bristly patch on my scalp, and i recently started exercising again, but taking it slow. im still in some pain in the mornings, but i think its just stiffness. it hurts to run or bounce up and down and to dance, but that’s it. i think this is all just going to take a lot of time. mom wants to me to get physical therapy to lessen my chances of future pain or problems. this whole thing was just more proof that this could all end so very easily.. it was that powerful. since then, ive used this experience positively…. such as not worrying over silly things, knowing everything will be ok, trying to stay levelheaded, be as nice as possible to people, etc. recently i talked to mike grosack and we decided we’ve got to actually hang out a lot this summer, because last summer and times before we’ve been like ‘yea we should hang out sometime’ and then never do. and its ridiculous that we don’t because he lives 3 houses away. he heard about my accident through his brother matt, so that’s what made him be like, that’s it, we’re hanging out this summer and using our time wisely. and its so true that i need to start doing this. hanging out with people i seem to never have time for, or taking the time to catch up with friends. just simply making the most of my time. like i SHOULD be doing today! but theres just nothing to do…. maybe i should start another book. bah. its dinnertime, wheres my chow?
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