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tag team, back again (whomp there it is, anyone?)

hi livejournal... so we meet again! i said the next time id write in you would be like, mid-second semester, but this christmas break is just duh-ragging on and im bored! plus, its like 1:30AM and i dont feel like going to bed yet. got thoughts running through my mind! (and those thoughts run in style, with sweatbands and tube socks). i go back to school in t-minus 5 days, and i'm looking forward to it. in a way, it kinda sucks that i wanna be back at school so bad after like 2.5 weeks, because that only means that im going to suffer through the loong summer! ill have to take roadtrips or something and visit friends (it sucks that like only a few friends are from NY). its a good sign that im itching to get back though, because that means that SMC is really the school for me.
i've been trying to keep busy and have fun since i've been home, seeing friends, running errands, shopping, spending time with the fam... i saw the movies Stuck On You, Cold Mountain, and Lord of the Rings. who've i seen.. went to an SU b-ball game with julian and met up with steve and george afterward. tonight mike grosack and i watched the movie Slackers (bad movie!). i've also chilled with courtney, katie, russell, sara, stacey and kat.. seen so many people which was awesome and got to catch up- will, jacob, carla, ted, nora, pat, greg, liz, petey, caitlin, austin, jaimie, joel, chris, randy!!(i gave that man a large hug)...etc. even andrew butts for christ sake! and MS BENTLEY! BUT.. i think it comes to a point where, ok, you've seen everyone and caught up.. now what? now with my last week, i've had more time on my hands. not that its a bad thing. but lately, nights have been a bit slow. but, whats cool is, tomorrow (wed) im chillin with courtney, then thurs im goin to visit Ms Zhag in rochester and come home fri, and before i know it, it'll be the weekend and i'll be packing to go "home"! yay!
i love my aim icon, i changed it recently, from a martini glass to this little person with the word Shaggy under it. she's shaking her hair around and making it bounce with her hands. too precious.
ok i think thats good enough for now. have a super night, im tired now. "sara come lay on me baby" -bed
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